Samsung Galaxy Gear (SM-V700, SM-V7000)

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Review summary for the Samsung Galaxy Gear (SM-700, SM-V700, SM-V7000)

  4.2 5
alaTest has collected and analysed 326 reviews from magazines and websites. R...

Samsung Galaxy Gear review

The Galaxy Gear had potential, but it's too big and uncomfortable to guarante...

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

  2 5
An overpriced companion device that fails to excel at any particular function

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch reviewed

  3.5 5
In the past decade, we've seen more people drop the wristwatch in favour of p...

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch review

  3.5 5
Strapping on the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch we couldn't help but feel we ...

REVIEW: Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

// Please enable Javascript to watch this video At my last count, I check my ...

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Review: A Pain In The Wrist

The Galaxy Gear wants desperately to be the vanguard of a new era of wearable...

REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung has taken its boldest step into the world of wearable tech with the G...

Samsung introduces Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Samsung has unveiled of the Galaxy Gear – a stylish smartwatch that brings th...

Samsung Galaxy goes to Android...and beyond!

Samsung is the biggest name to plan an Android handset, so the company has ce...

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch: Hands On Review, Photos, IFA

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